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Registered address:

1096 BP 304, Maouzini
Grand Comore
Union Des Comores

Document Processing Office

No. 9, Sh. Huseyin Pasa Street
Yeni Sehir, Lefkosa 99010
(North Cyprus) Turkey


+90 392 229 1960

+44 744 139 8834 (Whatsapp chat Only)


This License is subject to Comoros International Banking 

Authorities  Act No.: 17-008/02/CIBA/AU of 2017 Law

No.: 17-008/AU.

This objects and purpose of the Company is to offer different banking services for corporate, private banking for the general public and non-residents of the Union of Comoros, to carry on all or any of the business of a company and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to carry on, in conjunction with each other or as separate and distinct undertakings, allor of the following businesses.

  • To accept cash deposits of any type (depositary transections).
  • To provide loans and borrow funds (loan transactions).
  • To carry out currency and exchange transactions.
  • To issue securities and credit cards processing.
  • To provide security safekeeping, manage securities and accomplish securities purchase of sale.
  • To act as intermediary in securities trading.
  • To provide guarantees of any type (trade finance business). 
  • To effect payments (opening of accounts for legal entities and individuals).
  • To hold assets, capital, precision metals, bonds, shares or another financial instruments for the third parties.
  • To undertake electronic commerce (e-commerce).
  • To provide other financial services.
  • CFD contact for difference.
  • To open accounts in any crypto currency.
  • To take deposit in any crypto currency.
  • To provide loans in crypto currency.

And to carry on business as capitalists, financers, promotors and concessionaries and participate in undertake, carry on and execute all kinds of financial, commercial, industrial, trading, exploitation. Development, agency and other operations and to advance or provide money, with or without securities, to concessionaries, inventors, patentees and others, for the purpose of improving and developing or assisting to improve and develop any concessions, lands or otherwise. Or of experimenting, improving, testing or developing any invention, design or process industrial or otherwise.

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L 22106/DB

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