Daixia Bank Private & Personal Banking

At Daixia Bank, private banking is more than just a banking relationship. It is a partnership founded on mutual trust with a view to achieving shared goals. Independence, flexibility, a sense of responsibility and a commitment to excellence are the guiding principles we have adopted to serve you, to the best of our abilities!

We aim to provide a personalized and tailor-made advisory services to our clients in all aspects of banking, be it global financial and trading transactions, investments in real estate, advising in asset or wealth management, International Trade Financing or Fiduciary services. 

Private banking, as practiced by Daixia Bank, is a continuous, dynamic process guided by the current needs and expectations of the ever-demanding clients. At the same time, appropriate consideration is given to economical, political, technical and social factors.

Daixia Bank offers a wide range of savings and investments opportunities, both for short term and long term periods. Our Term Deposit offers you the dual benefit of Safe returns with high liquidity, with options to take your returns monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually.

At Daixia Bank, we believe that trust is the key to mutual success which must be earned anew each day: and we can only earn it by providing you with exceptional performance, personalized services and individual advising. Our vast experience and well-trained advisors provide us with a decisive advantage in private banking that benefits our clients all over the world.

Individual Savings Account

The earlier you invest in the tax year, you can make sure that you are using your Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance to its full advantage.